IV.II. Section 1

About Place Journal Volume IV Issue II Animals Among Us: Strangeness, Intimacy, and Reciprocity October 2016 Section 1: Becomings http://archive.aboutplacejournal.org/animials/s1-iv-ii/Briony Morrow-Cribbs
“Buzz II”
“Swallow Sisters”
“The Mermaid, The Manticore, and Me”
“Agonis avialae”
“Adultera piscis”
“Bird Girl”

Melissa Atkinson Mercer
“Leviathan speaks of creation”
“Leviathan speaks of history”
“Leviathan speaks of worship”

Jason Gray
“Most of a Bear”

Aimee Nezhukumatahil
“Self-Portrait as Scallop”
“Bengal Tiger”
“Meals of Grief & Happiness”

Zoë Bird
“The Snake Poem”

Oni Buchanan
“Whoso List”

Andi Boyd

David Shumate

Section 2

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