IV.II. Section 2

 About Place Journal Volume IV Issue II Animals Among Us: Strangeness, Intimacy, and Reciprocity October 2016 Section 2: Encounter http://archive.aboutplacejournal.org/animials/s2-iv-ii/Nina Bednarski
“Bear Shaman”
“Cottontail Shaman”

Ellen Siebers
“Archie Powell and the Onions”
“Grant & the Sheepshead”

Patricia Monaghan
“Crane Dance”
“Saint Gobnait’s Deer”
“Lesson of the Bees”

Erin Trondson
“Grandpa’s Turtles and Other Small Meat”

Richard Robbins

Heather Swan
“Turning Toward”

Elizabeth Bradfield
“Dispatch from this Summer”

G.C. Waldrep
“To a Grackle”
“Rede Hole”

Jayne Marek
“Drowned Mole”

Michael McGriff
“Meditation at Point Lobo Substation”
“Dark Field”

Corrina Carter
“The Dying of the Shrew”

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