IV.II. Section 3

About Place Journal Volume IV Issue II Animals Among Us: Strangeness, Intimacy, and Reciprocity October 2016 Section 3: Absence http://archive.aboutplacejournal.org/animials/s3-iv-ii/Patrick Smyczek
“The Triumphant Return”
“3 Deer”
“Toad and Moth”
“Randy Denis Beheading the Lion”

Bill Porter
“Legend of Roy”

Robin Chapman
“Banff, Jan. 16”

Kathleen Hellen

Joe Wilkins
“Certain Birds”

Lauren Camp
“Great-Horned Owl”

Joan Murray
“Blue Heron”
“Have You Not Considered”

B.J. Buckley
“The Beautiful Sentence”

Robert Fillman

David Axelrod
“Northern Sorrow Monkey”

Kara Norman
“The Hitcher”

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