IV.II. Section 4

 About Place Journal Volume IV Issue II Animals Among Us: Strangeness, Intimacy, and Reciprocity October 2016 Section 4: Dwelling http://archive.aboutplacejournal.org/animials/s4-iv-ii/
Melissa Dold
Untitled [Geese/Stripes]
Untitled [Landscape with Small Sheep]
Untitled [Two Sheep]

Craig Blietz
“Lunar Lady”

Travis Mossotti

Melanie Dylan Fox
“A Vision of Small Things”

Kristie Betts Letter
“Dogs and Cats”

Cristina Eisenberg
“All Our Relations”

Chris Dombrowski

Sean Prentiss
“Ghost Black Bear”

Mary Rose O’Reilley
“A Hermeneutics of Silence”