Chandramohan Sathyanathan

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Chandramohan Sathyanathan
My ode to the woman of breasts *

when an ordinary day’s labor was hard and heavy
when she had nothing to look forward to
the weight of the breasts tax broke her back
when she could take it no longer
in a Rosa Park’s bid not give up her seat
to escape the black hole
of eternal debt
she hacked off her breasts with sickle that harvested bountiful
suffusing the granaries with the stench of perspiration.
* What is this poem about?
200 years on, Nangeli’s sacrifice only a fading memory
Chandramohan Sathyanathan is an English poet based in India. His poems reflect the socio-political struggles of the marginalized, the working class and the nomadic outcasts of the World who are victimized and then forgotten as nations clash and wage relentless war. His work has been profiled in New Asia Writing and Mascara Literary Review.

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