Table of Contents

Table of Contents

I.IV. Civil-Rights-Cover

II.IV. IntroductionFrom a Birmingham Jail

Editor’s Note

AMIRI BARAKA: Poet, Dramatist, Blues/Jazz Critic, Freedom-Fighter
A Tribute by Askia Touré

Tribute to Imamu Amiri Baraka
L’Merchie Frazier

Quilted ChroniclesThe Quilted Chronicles
L’Merchie Frazier

Robert Smalls

Chloe Spear: Washer General

Pierce Pettis

Post Civil Rights
Ralph C. Hamm, III

Peter Neil Carroll

John Warner Smith

november 22, 1963…the assassins have been assigned new victims
Gary Hicks

Dangerous Heat
Sandy Hiortdahl

Soul Gospel
Chi m Bulie m Elu
Uche Ogbuji

Karl W. Carter, Jr.

What Remains
Wendy DeGroat

Banner-Section-TwoHarlem the Morning After
John Warner Smith

Bus Ride
Martin Willitts, Jr.

Black Voters Registration Revisited
Lee K. Riethmiller

In Our Lifetime
Albert DeGenova

Prayer Meeting
Makalani Bandele

Nicholas Samaras

Karl W. Carter, Jr.

Furry Lewis
Patricia Spears Jones

Vida Cross

The Sounds of Anti-Anti-Essentialism
Carter Mathes

Section 3 of About Place Journal Volume II Issue IV February 2014 and Movement: The Case of the Black Panther Party
and the Revolutionary People’s Constitutional Convention of 1970
George Katsiaficas

About Place Journal Volume II Issue IV February 2014 Killed McDuffie? A Definitive Question
Hakim Al-Jamil

Black Boys
Latorial Faison

John Warner Smith

The Female Body at Fifty
Ingrid Anderson

My ode to the woman of breasts
Chandramohan Sathyanathan

A Boy Killed
Karen Melander Magoon

The Wandering Jew at the Palestinian Human Rights Rally
L. S. Sharrow

Neil Callender

Moral Blasphemy in the Year of Jubilee
Richard Cambridge

“Hauling Up the Morning”


They Do Not All Sound Alike: Sampling Kathleen Cleaver, Assata Shakur, and Angela Davis
Tara Betts

The Master Returns! [Atlanta Invocation]

Askia Touré

Karl W. Carter

Ruby’s Grace
Ellen Woods

Sixties Children
James B. Nicholas

How You Live On
Wilda Morris

No Offense Taken
Renee Matthews-Jackson

11 February 1996
Uche Ogbuji

Cambridge Friends
Tania Moore

The Haitian Princess
Karen Melander Magoon

Scatter My Ashes
Geneva Kachman

Let the Ripened Harvest Continue in Our Souls
Barbara Flaherty

Peace Will Come
Thomas Rain Crowe


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