Patricia Hemminger

Volume II Issue II: Earth, Spirit, Society

Patricia Hemminger
Going to the Farm in Winter
past the stone walled field
littered with wild phlox in springtime
past the church cemetery
and 1820 tavern home
past the pheasant farm
red cap and mottled wings
past the frozen stream
and water iced lawn
past the hotel house
candles in every window
past the country store with neon lights
red barns broken by age and weather
past crows scratching at a frozen carcass
deer with coats as thick as sled dogs
a cart horse still and stolid in the freezing air
onions in bins, winter squash
dirt caked carrots and celeriac
crisp Chinese cabbage
turnips and twisted parsnips
hour old eggs and homemade cheese
talk of gardens in the dead of winter
a full moon and mist
over the frozen lake
fine snow gathering
a long way home
Patricia Hemminger is a science and environmental writer and editor. Her work has appeared in E – The Environmental Magazine, Environmental Health Perspectives and Science and Spirit, among others. She is associate editor of Pollution A-Z published by MacMillan and has one poem, “Portrait of Poets” published in the Summer 2012 issue of Parabola magazine.

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Closing Poem – Patricia Monaghan