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Volume II Issue II: Earth, Spirit, Society


Earth, Spirit, Society
Table of Contents
Editor’s Note

Section One: Earth
Getting to Black Earth by Patricia Monaghan
LaDonna Azziza Redmond
Being Black and Green / Me, Marvin and the Ecology
Patricia Hemminger
Going to the Farm in Winter
Elyse Guttenberg
Rules for Winter
Mike Corum
A Very Real Pond
A String Around the World
Lyn Lifshin
Arizona Ruin
Linda Hogan
Seasons of the Butterflies
Mercy, the Word
Shea Daniels
Fortune Teller of Shawnee Ohio
Brenda Peterson
The Secret Journal of Kate Morag: A Celtic Romance
Tricia Knoll
Blessing the Fleet
Elizabeth Burk
Needing Green, Bayou Contry
David Murphy
The Burren
Changing of the Guard
Wilda Morris
To Be a Wave
Gulf of Mexico
Susan M. Botich
Pearl Moon
Arctic Moon
Susan DeFreitas
Gardener’s Refrain
John Fitzpatrick
Judy Brackett
Apples of Clare Island
The October Year
Karla Linn Merrifield
Happenstance: Run Off to Sea
Janet Smith
Artemis Fishing
Richard Robbins
Size of the Heart
Cait Johnson
Invocation to the Balance
Melissa Tuckey
Al Fresco

Section Two: Spirit
Dawn at Brigit’s Well by Patricia Monaghan
Patricia Spears Jones
If Fates Allow
Larry Stapleton
East Passage
Karen Morris
A Reading: From the Book of Wisdom
Gypsy Meditation
Miriam Robbins Dexter
Medb, the Morrigan, and Place in Ancient Ireland
Mel Kenne
Bee Smith
Don’t Frack My Holy Well
The Cure
Laud the day
Starr Goode
The Power of Display: Sheela na gigs and Folklore Customs
John Briggs
Shaman Poems
Elizabeth Cunningham
…vanish without a trace
Seamus Cashman
Sistene Gaze
Betz King
Of Goddesses and Fools
Mary Dixon
Susan Little
Mary Magdalene
Fiona Marron
Photo Essay
Scott Hightower
The Meek
Muadhnait Loideán
Whores, Beggars, Saints
My Confessor
Song Weaver
Nané Ariadne Jordan
Meeting the Ancient Mothers of Chartres
Judith Roche
Prayer Vigil

Section Three: Society
Dancing with Liberty by Patricia Monaghan
Patrick Cook
At Home
Siobhán Daffy
Jan Levine Thal
Change of Place
Romeo D. Matshaba
Broken Brothers
Janice D. Soderling
Wes Rehberg
Tina’s Story
Lauren Camp
MIA at the Vietnam Veterans Wall in August
Liam Heneghan
The Epistemology of Hatred: A Case of Irish Bogs
Susan Ross
The Chestnut of Taksim Square
William Doreski
Blue Fish
Jeffrey Betcher
The Sorcery of Place
Closing Poem
Ways to Leave by Patricia Monaghan


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