Section 1: Earth/Body/Substance

Section 1: Earth/Body/Substance
About Place Journal Volume III Issue I Enlightened Visions June 2014

At the most basic level, we are creatures in a world of material richness. Our body is nourished by food, which grows from earth’s interconnected system of life. Global warming may dry up that which once nourished us, making areas that once were fertile, unable to support life.

Chad Waukechon
The Heartbreaking Vision of Difference
Marcie Rendon
Desert Dreams: Scorpion; Prickly Pear Cacti; Cholla Cacti; and Desert
Adum Gross
Harsh Winter to Cold Spring
Robert Gibbons
The Dead Lecturer
Alice M. Azure
Dear United Way
Plague of Horned Serpents
Out of Africa
Evan Pritchard
One Room Cabin in Winter
Dig This Snow
David Groulx
Blind Man’s Eye
Lillian Banks
You Are on Indian Land
Elizabeth Schultz
Haida Eyes
Skidegate Cemetery
T’AANUU, The Haida
Treg Isaacson
V25 Village
Bronwyn Fredericks
Will You Move Again?
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