Section 3: Wind/Breath/Flow

Section 3: Wind/Breath/Flow

"Exhaust" by Jacob Hill. About Place Journal, Volume III Issue I: Enlightened Visions. June 2014,

“Exhaust” by Jacob Hill

On an earth that flows with energy, we are transformed every day. But we don’t realize how those of us in the industrialized world are poisoned by what we accept as common–exhaust from cars, planes and other vehicles and smoke from industry. On each level, the elements that sustain us are less substance and more energy: strong winds, deeper winters, new cloud formations.

Jacob Hill
Karla Linn Merrifield
The Missing Force at 360 N Latitude, 107 (degrees) 57′ 3″ Longitude
Tiffany Higgins
waiting on the Tuvalu
Susan Deer Cloud
Crones Against Drones
Icicle Cave Near Big Indian
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