III.I. Table of Contents

About Place Journal Volume III Issue I Enlightened Visions June 2014 aboutplacejournal.org

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Editor’s Note by Roberta Hill

III.I. Section 1 Earth

Section 1: Earth/Body/Substance

Chad Waukechon
The Heartbreaking Vision of Difference
Marcie Rendon
Desert Dreams: Scorpion; Prickly Pear Cacti; Cholla Cacti; and Desert
Adum Gross
Harsh Winter to Cold Spring
Robert Gibbons
The Dead Lecturer
Alice M. Azure
Dear United Way
Plague of Horned Serpents
Out of Africa
Evan Pritchard
One Room Cabin in Winter
Dig This Snow
David Groulx
Blind Man’s Eye
Lillian Banks
You Are on Indian Land
Elizabeth Schultz
Haida Eyes
Skidegate Cemetery
T’AANUU, The Haida
Treg Isaacson
V25 Village
Bronwyn Fredericks
Will You Move Again?

III.I. Section 2 Water

Section 2: Water/Blood/Being

Ivy Vainio
Nibi zhaawendaagwak
Alexander Levering Kern
Daybreak in the Renaissance Hotel
Grandparents, Salvaging
Soundings from Chebeague Island, the “Land of Many Springs”
E. A. Hanninen
Yaahl Bernadette Warns Her Daughter While Brushing Her Hair
Tsunami Coming
Drowned Night
Ruby Hansen Murray
The Dark Mother
Rest Assured
Lopamudra Banerjee
Mother Earth
Midnight Rain
Khalifa Khaliq
Aquatic Adventure
Wendy Bobiak
Sweet Crude
The Right Medicine
Nicholas Hunter and Gregory Hitch
The Place Where Food Grows on Water
Hila Ratzabi
Of the veritable ocean
Google Earth
Moises Villavicencia Barras
Los Pajaros Regressan / Birds Are Back
Tortuga / Turtle
Adiba Jaigirdar
The Hills

III.I. Section 3 Wind

Section 3: Wind/Breath/Flow

Jacob Hill
Karla Linn Merrifield
The Missing Force at 360 N Latitude, 107 (degrees) 57′ 3″ Longitude
Tiffany Higgins
waiting on the Tuvalu
Susan Deer Cloud
Crones Against Drones
Icicle Cave Near Big Indian

III.I. Section 4 Sun

Section 4: Sun/Consciousness/Birth

Leroy Wilson
Dawn of a New Age
Half Caste
Scott T. Starbuck
Magic Hat
A Tale of Lucifer, an Old Man, and the University of Arizona and the Vatican
Telescopes on Mt. Graham
Clemencio Bascar
Crack in the Horizon
Wendy Call, Translator
Three poems by Irma Pineda

Gue’ la’ Be’ ne
Kierstin Bridger
Port of Call: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Russell Brickey
King Juda
Nuclear Nomads


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