III.IV. Section 2

About Place Journal 2015 aboutplacejournal.org

“the retina cascading
sight          into possible.”
~Shelagh Patterson

“Whole generations of laughter,
populations of smiles”
~Martin Willitts, Jr.

III.IV. Verneda Lights: View Through the Eyes of a Ship, About Place Journal, Volume III Issue IV, October 2015, The Future Imagined Differently, aboutplacejournal.org/future-imagined/

View Through the Eyes of a Ship by Verneda Lights

Verneda Lights
View Through the Eyes of a Ship

Margo Berdeshevsky
In Custody of Eyes

Shelagh Patterson
How Small Hate Must Feel when
Looking at Love in the mirror

Grace Cavalieri
In Every Dream An Orphan Builds a Home

Martin Willitts, Jr.
Pause Button

Beverly Naidus
We Almost Didn’t Make It: Stories of Our Descendants
Beezi’s Treasure

Petra Kuppers

Moon Botany

William Nixon

Malcolm X Confronts Heaven

Kate Schapira

Three Alternate Histories

Shelagh Patterson
The Real on Hope

Jason Hao Kwang
The Challenge: Tiananmen Square


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