III.IV. Section 4

About Place Journal Vol III Issue IV Section 4

“the concept of inhabitance . . . the process of apprehension
Marcella Durand
“We have been given all we need”
Linda Rodriguez

Zig-Zags by Janet Goldner, About Place Journal Volume III Issue IV, "The Future Imagined Differently" aboutplacejournal.org/future-imagined/s4-iii-iv/

Zig-Zags by Janet Goldner

Janet Goldner

Scott Hightower
From Two Vats of Absence

fayemi shakur
Haikus 4 Sundiata

Patricia Clark
Sword Fern

William Nixon

Dike Okoro
Instilling the faith in our way of life

Robbie McCauley
Jazz ‘n Class

Shelagh Patterson
A Shady Promise

Linda Rodriguez
Through The Body

Guillermo Filce Castro
In The Future When We Return to the Woods

Tony Medina
Brother’s Keeper

Marcella Durand
Poetry that “counts”


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