fayemi shakur

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fayemi shakur
Haikus 4 Sundiata
when spirit moves us
liberation is the goal
ancient traumas, free…
your laughter like light
i can hear strength through your words
we are here with you…
two minute review
seventy – seven strong years
God bless your life, free…
when the rain falls seek
guerilla soul guides who know
poems, love, these things…
solitude ain’t fun
some folks have too much of it
wear down these prisons…
fayemi shakur is a writer, cultural worker, and yoga teacher based in Newark, New Jersey. Her writing has been featured online and in print in The New York Times, The International Review of African American Art, Nueva Luz Photographic Journal, Ebony.com, and HYCIDE Magazine. www.fayemishakur.com

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