III.IV. Section 5

About Place Journal Vol III Issue IV Section 5

“And we rise renewed. Such ritual ignites/The fire in our souls”
Patricia Monaghan
“Well. To Start: We still like to fuck.”
Christina Olivares

Denise Milan, Mist of the Earth

“Estrella XIX” from Mist of the Earth by Denise Milan

Denise Milan
Estrella XIX

Marcella Durand
From “60 interpretations of luminous citizens and color”
(alexandrine) (3 poem series)

Lauren Camp
What Yesterday, What Tomorrow

Susan Tu
Celestial Soul

Jeff Fearnside
Black Friday Morning

Joan Canby
The week after the human beings departed Earth poem

Patricia Monaghan
Dawn at Brigit’s Well

Tai Allen
What Memories Bring

Christina Olivares

Veronica Golos
Can We Even Dream A Possible Future?

William Bancroft-Short
GR8 Times (music)


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