Marcella Durand

About Place Journal Vol III Issue IV Section 5
Marcella Durand
From “60 interpretations of luminous citizens and color”

If you name colors and the city will escape
how does one/escape the—where? Area being
one or two, many breathing in corners behind
behind the door: what can we be fearing? Where in
the maze of tongues can we find words: work with me, where
is the route, I’m hungry/tired/sad. Alone. One.
When I thought buildings were empty and the river
came up to touch their edges. Water undermines
and if not convinced otherwise to flow around
things and the solidities of dry matter. If
you add me and many becomes more than structure.
Its apparent monotony, an ardent waste.
All the mountains, leveled, transition to plains
and the plains transition to desert. Here, no rain
or sound gathering of all the long sea. Of all
sight, of light, of the movement a circle makes in
construed silence. Place of mirage, vision, brighten,
languor as dolor, soft flatness of brown and hue.
Dolor of blue, subdued color that captures
what it has: tangle then mute. Color that mostly
is interested in blue. If crossing water
bends to asking, then waves flatten to mirrors, more
blue and sun never reflects as a whole. Circles
are delicate and shatter easily against
the complexity of senses coming all at
a time together at once in light and colors.
We breaks into I under tides pulled by super
moon close to earth this turn: takes time to understand
sun as moon doesn’t rise but fades in low over
us or me tracing the lines between feet and eye
and where points meet exactly middle. Sand startles
as rocks in water, colored iron, malachite,
plum, red, amber, green, glow, ray: blue as only shade
beyond lines of color and when separated
from water dries to spectrum of grays or sinks back
to vermilion under all, under we, I,
point of rock against tides pulled by slender moon.
When smooth, together as only one does amid
a greatness about solitude; all infinite
points create lines, which after time flame to appear.
Marcella Durand is the author of Deep Eco Pré (with Tina Darragh), AREA, Traffic & Weather and Western Capital Rhapsodies. She has written, taught and talked about the potential intersections of poetry and ecology in a number of venues, including the (eco(lang)(uage (reader), ecopoetics, and Jacket2. Her published translations from French include poems by Charles Baudelaire, Marcel Proust, Nicole Brossard and Michèle Métail. At present, she is working on a book length poem written in alexandrines, titled In this world previous to ours. She is a Black Earth Institute Fellow and she edited the Wall Street issue of About Place Journal.

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