III.IV. Table of Contents

About Place Journal Vol III Issue IV
Table of Contents
Cover Page
Editor’s Note
Denise Milan

Denise Milan
Journey of the Soul

Myra Sklarew
Imagine a Village

S. Mami Watu and Storme Webber
The Blessing: A Kahlo Story (beginnings)

Erika T. Wurth
Around my neck

Guillermo Filice Castro
Beso Americano

Laynie Browne
The Unfounded

Leah Umansky
The Love Orphans

Myra Sklarew
The World to Come

Purvi Shah
You birth a mythology in red


Verneda Lights
View Through the Eyes of a Ship

Margo Berdeshevsky
In Custody of Eyes

Shelagh Patterson
How Small Hate Must Feel when
Looking at Love in the mirror

Grace Cavalieri
In Every Dream An Orphan Builds a Home

Martin Willitts, Jr.
Pause Button

Beverly Naidus
We Almost Didn’t Make It: Stories from Our Descendants
Biezi’s Treasure

Petra Kuppers
Moon Botany

William Nixon
Malcolm X Confronts Heaven

Kate Schapira
Three Alternate Histories

Shelagh Patterson
The Real on Hope

Jason Kao Hwang
The Challenge: Tiananmen Square

Section 3

Tsaurah Litzky
Imagining a Better World

Margo Berdeshevsky
But Very Soon

Jeff Fearnside
Too Often We Think

Elizabeth Cunningham
Remembering the Future

Cecilia Llompart
Ars Poetica

Sean Prentiss
Wilderness Language

J.M. Leija
A Few Miles from Here

Grace Cavalieri
To the Beauty of This Place

Sharon Mesmer
Why Would an Al Jazeera Journalist
Want to Talk to Me About Stress?

Pamela Ushuk
Spring Runoff

William Bishop
The Humane Planet

Laura Jew
Wherever We May Land

Ras Moshe
Live at Constitution Marsh

Section 4

Janet Goldner

Scott Hightower
From Two Vats of Absence

fayemi shakur
Haikus 4 Sundiata

Patricia Clark
Sword Fern

William Nixon

Dike Okoro
Instilling the faith in our way of life

Robbie McCauley
Jazz ‘n Class

Shelagh Patterson
A Shady Promise

Linda Rodriguez
Through The Body

Guillermo Filice Castro
In The Future When We Return to the Woods

Tony Medina
Brother’s Keeper

Marcella Durand
Poetry that “counts”

III.IV. Section 5

Denise Milan
Estrella XIX

Marcella Durand
From “60 interpretations of luminous citizens and color”
(alexandrine) (3 poem series)

Lauren Camp
What Yesterday, What Tomorrow

Susan Tu
Celestial Soul

Jeff Fearnside
Black Friday Morning

Joan Canby
The week after the human beings departed Earth poem

Patricia Monaghan
Dawn at Brigit’s Well

Tai Allen
What Memories Bring

Christina Olivares

Veronica Golos
Can We Even Dream A Possible Future?

William Bancroft-Short
GR8 Times (music)


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