Section 2: Poetry One


Jeanne d'Arc Church, Versailles. Don Mullan

Jeanne d’Arc Church, Versailles. Don Mullan

Maighread Medbh
        When I Was Ant
        Yellow Woman (Eclogue in a dispirited time)
Paul Hetherington
        Six Different Windows
        Fifteen-Year-Old Inca Child Sacrifice
Lauren K Alleyne
        Silent Dances
        Ode to Ghosts
        10 Most Sacred Spots on Earth
Linda Bidwell
        Brief history of Summit conveyed to the residents
        There’s nothing but weather
        Life in the clouds
        I go to the sunshine fair
        Sunday at Shiloh
George Moore
        The spatial representation of heaven
        Yaks at basecamp
        Descent to Furnace creek
 Cait Johnson
        Dawn birds of August
Annie Finch
        The Atlantic
Julie Stuckey

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