Section 4: Poetry Two


Siobhan Campbell
W F Lantry
Patrick Chapman
       The Idlewild Rose
Noel Monahan
       Statue Park
Afzal Moolla
       Shedding of skin
Emily Strauss
       The new geology
Natalie Albertson
       Settler’s Seasons
Joan McBreen
       Homage to Omey
Carol Smallwood
       Raggedy Ann

Alexander M Tokarsky
       A cure for cancer
Kieron Sinnette
       I’ll tell my Mommy
       Getting on my feet
       Letter to myself

Barbara Ellen Baldwin
       Progress report: Bosque fires
Jane Blanchard
       Three Haiku
Abra Bertman
       Corks & Stoppages
Ross Hattaway

       After the dam broke
       This voice

Elizabeth Cunningham
       in the mountains
Valerie Loveland
       Mt. Monadnock White Dot Trail
Spectacle Island

Barbara Flaherty
       All of it
       The weight of a cloud
       Beside myself

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