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Editor’s Note: Seamus Cashman

Section 1: Prose One – Tensions and Interpretations

Jan de Fouw
        Babel: Vista on Confusion
Liam Heneghan
        A short history of motility
Louise B Halfe
        Four stops I made
Maurice Harmon
        Michael Longley and the West of Ireland
Mary Swander
        In the clouds
Elizabeth Healy
        The Burren
Jane Hertenstein
        Ostrog Monastery
Don Mullan
        ‘Peace Line’ Wall Murals for a Fugitive Slave

Section 2: Poetry One

Maighread Medbh
        When I Was Ant
        Yellow Woman (Eclogue in a dispirited time)
Paul Hetherington
        Six Different Windows
        Fifteen-Year-Old Inca Child Sacrifice
Lauren K Alleyne
        Silent Dances
        Ode to Ghosts
        10 Most Sacred Spots on Earth
Linda Bidwell
        Brief history of Summit conveyed to the residents
        There’s nothing but weather
        Life in the clouds
        I go to the sunshine fair
        Sunday at Shiloh
George Moore
        The spatial representation of heaven
        Yaks at basecamp
        Descent to Furnace creek
 Cait Johnson
        Dawn birds of August
Annie Finch
        The Atlantic
Julie Stuckey

Section 3: Prose Two – Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction, Memoir

Sarena Ulibarri
        Filming the Andean Cat
Eric Muller
Will Tinkham
Mike Sharlow


Section 4: Poetry Two

Siobhan Campbell
W F Lantry
Patrick Chapman
       The Idlewild Rose
Noel Monahan
       Statue Park
Afzal Moolla
       Shedding of skin
Emily Strauss
       The new geology
Natalie Albertson
       Settler’s Seasons
Joan McBreen
       Homage to Omey
Carol Smallwood
       Raggedy Ann

Alexander M Tokarsky
       A cure for cancer
Kieron Sinnette
       I’ll tell my Mommy
       Getting on my feet
       Letter to myself

Barbara Ellen Baldwin
       Progress report: Bosque fires
Jane Blanchard
       Three Haiku
Abra Bertman
       Corks & Stoppages
Ross Hattaway

       After the dam broke
       This voice

Elizabeth Cunningham
       in the mountains
Valerie Loveland
       Mt. Monadnock White Dot Trail
       Spectacle Island

Barbara Flaherty
       All of it
       The weight of a cloud
       Beside myself

Section 5: Photographer’s Words

Paul Johnson
        Reimagining New England
        Eleven photographs with poems
Don Mullan
        The Meeting Place
        A photo gallery


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