III.III. Table of Contents

Table of Contents Volume III Issue III Primal Paradox aboutplacejournal.org May 2015

Cover Page

John Amoroso
Featured Artwork

Editor’s General Introduction
by John Briggs

Section 1: What Am I?
Section 1: Editor’s Note

Ellen Litwiller
Natura Morta? Natura Vive!

Alfonso Santillana
Whole Everything Nothing

John Z. Amoroso
The Primal Paradox in Stages of Psychological Development

William Bishop
The Primal Paradox: the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life

Mary Newell
Lotus Witness
Why Waiting

Section 2. I Am (not) YouSection 2: Editor’s Note

David Bowerman
In Delicate Balance

Shannon Connor Winward

Edward A. Hagan

Luther Hughes
How We Forget

Wendy Vardaman
I have a theory of roundabouts…

Raymond Saner
Short, long and no more time
Next Time

Amanda Bloom
Girl in a coat

Margaret Spence
Cleopatra’s Molecules

Stephanie Nelson
Whose Muscle is on My Plate?

Susan Terris
Girl with the Green Face

Terri Glass
Wind Turbines of Altamont Pass
Sea Stars

Patricia Monaghan
Forgetting Gobnait
Munchkins in War
The Butterfly Tattoo Effect

Section 3. I Am (not) the Community, Society, CultureSection 3: Editor’s Note

Dmitry Borshch
The Making of Brothers

Stephen Dydo and Susan Haire
Vanishing Point

Louise Halfe
Plains Cree Protocol

Mark B. Hamilton
Paddling into the Plains of the Lakota

Jill Stegman
The Dog

Annie Blake
The War

Elizabeth Cunningham
Maeve and the Primal Paradox

Peter O’Malley
Dollar Tree

Section 4. I Am (not) NatureSection 4: Editor’s Note

Judith Roche
The Change

Frederick Smock
[a butterfly comes to rest]

Carrie Laben
How to Handle a Snapping Turtle

Rachel Tillman
Toward a New Materialism: Thinking Matter as Dynamic

Eric Lewis
Entangled Beings

Michael Mark
Being a God
Arriving Early

B.J. Buckley
Smoot’s Bees
Largo sostenuto: Vespers

Karen J. Weyant
Accompanying Dragonflies

Jesse Curran
The Earwig in the Zen Blend

Cristina Eisenberg
The Rewilding: The Trophic Tango

Ree Venrick
Butterfly Love

Martin Willitts Jr
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Larvae on Black Cherry Tree
Burying Beetle

Susu Jeffrey
I Call the Hill

Michael Seraphinoff
This Song

Virginia Khuri
Sunset Sonata

Section 5. I Am (not) the CosmosSection 5: Editor’s Note

Mary Cresswell
We the Wreckers By the Rocks

Jeff Gundy
Carefully Selected Quotations with Minimal Commentary

Chad Hanson
Creation Myth
Animal Dreams
Inside Passage
Beasts, and the Children

Ann Filemyr
Shamanism 101

Ed Timmer
The Ephraim Fog

Mary Buchinger
Fertile Crescent

Phillip Snow Gang
Cosmos, Gaia and Eros: Integrative Learning, Creativity and the Primal Paradox

Tom Greggs
Jack Straws

George Moore

Thomas Rain Crowe
Becoming Buddha

Tricia Knoll
My Quadrifocals

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