Tom Greggs

III.III. Section 5: I Am (not) the CosmosTom Greggs
Chaos is structure, fear—
the glue which binds the whole
A life composed of sticks
piles of which are shaped
as traps, weirs, cones,
domes, tortured or ordered
some high-piled risers
others folded, badly fastened
Time will tease them apart
stick by stick, this then another
leaving a hole, a space
where light fills in
the sum reduced by one
then more light
blue, soft, opening up
freeing to the fewest forms
The essence of a man
amazed that he can stand
with so much removed
the little left which serves
to give the game its risk
and give the game its life
Tom Greggs is a builder, home designer, visual artist and poet living in Seattle, Washington. Other poems by Tom can be found at

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