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III.III. Section 5: I Am (not) the Cosmos

John Amoroso

The Primal Paradox
III.III. The-Primal-Paradox-by-John-Amoroso

John Z. Amoroso, Ph.D., has maintained a full time transpersonal psychotherapy practice in the Philadelphia area since 1988 with a focus on past life regression. For more than 20 years he has lectured in private venues and taught at the graduate level in the field of transpersonal studies and creativity.

In 2012, he published Awakening Past Lives: A Guidebook to Self Exploration – currently available on Amazon.
Having studied painting at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts for many years, he is now dedicating most of his time to painting and multi-media art representing the transpersonal or psycho-spiritual dimension of reality.

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