IV.I. Section 3

Section 3

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APJ Vol IV Issue I ----Danger: Milse en Scene by Melodie Past

Danger: Milse en Scene by Melodie Past

Melodie Past
Danger: Mise en Scène

Micah Ruelle
Fire Ecology as Self-Portrait

Saddiq Dzukogi

Marthe Reed
the least part

Georgette Hamlett
Triple Goddess Bop

Kevin Vaughn
The Way to Eden

Adela Najarro
Squirrel Indulgences
Iguana Dreams

Jeff Fearnside
Mata Hari’s Head

Ana Božičević
Busted Xmas Card

John Warner Smith

Lois Roma-Deeley
When Moving from Point A to Point B,
Do Not Intrude on that Empty Space
of Not Having to be Anywhere At All

Michael Dhar
Games of War and Sorcery

Linda Ashok
We Are Not Guilty

Section: Interlude with Marianic Parra
Silence Unguarded

Section 4

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