IV.I. Section 4

Section 4
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The Ferryman: At the Waters Edge by Verneda Lights

“The Ferryman: At the Water’s Edge” by Verneda Lights

Verneda Lights
The Ferryman, At the Water’s Edge,

Tony Medina
Hair! Hair!

Annie Blake
The Father’s Knife

David Groulx
But we are not horses

Chip Livingston
You Would Have Killed Him Anyway

EmJay Hong
God is the Devil’s Puppet

Eugene Goldin
Sardines #1

Wesley Rothman
What is Given, What is Done

Joyce Lee
And There Will Come a Day

Sujoy Bhattacharya
Blooming mourning

Wendy Pfrenger
Goodnight Moon on Orchard Street

Todd Davis

Shanna Compton
Desert Valley in Bloom

Tamiko Beyer

Section: Interlude with Denise Milan

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