IV.I. Section 5

Section 5

Table of Contents

Ship Against Storm by Melodie Past
Melodie Past
Storm Against Ship

Adjua Greaves
Black Botany

John Garmon
I’m Speaking of Myself

Robin Chapman
Reimagining the Past of My Hometown

Raquel Salas-Rivera
“cuanto más perezoso o torpe fuera un hombre”/
“the more idle and unskillful the laborer”

Lenard D. Moore
On the Drinking Water in Flint, Michigan

Barbara Conrad
What if the Mad Farmer Could Sit in at a New Year’s Day Potluck During a Global Recession

Tim McGillicuddy
The XXVIII Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America

Richard Cambridge
After Katrina

Richard Cambridge
All Power to Imagine Nation!: A Personal Account of Transformation

Kevin Vaughn
The Mark of Gideon

Saddiq Dzukogi
the night is like that

Anis Shivani
City: I

Tony Medina
Broke Beach Bum

Dan Barton
Directions to the Island

Tricia Knoll
Elemental List of Questions

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