IV.I. Section 6

Section 6
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Transforming Specimen = Nest of Energy, 2012 by Tammy Melody Gomez

“Transforming Specimen = Nest of Energy, 2012” by Tammy Melody Gomez

Tammy Melody Gomez
Transforming Specimen = Nest of Energy, 2012

Kenyatta JP Garcia

Lenard D. Moore

Kaveri Patel
The Sound of Music

Todd Davis
After Being Married for Twenty-Eight Years

Audrey Carroll
#RT Community

Ilhem Issaoui
Mine amaranth

Dan Barton
Dear Sympathy

Richard Cambridge
Mother and Child at Rest on the Limn of the Earth

Anis Shivani
Light and Space

Mark Danowsky
Not Taken

Saddiq Dzukogi

Tony Medina
One Guy Shot Another Guy

David Ishaya Osu
This is not a legion

Annie Blake
The Gun

Wesley Rothman

Raquel Salas-Rivera
cuando estoy fría/when i’m cold

Wale Owoade
Refusing to be a Basket of Water

Section: Interlude with Melodie Past

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