IV.I. Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Cover Page

Melodie Past
Stone Corona

Editor’s Note by Metta Sáma

Section 1

Jarvis DeBerry

Kelly Harris
Interview with Freddi Williams Evans

Jarvis DeBerry
Congo Square

Section: Interlude with upfromsumdirt
Meanwhile #3

Fresh Gordon
Meanwhile #1
Meanwhile #2
Page 74

Section 2

Verneda Lights
World Invisible

Raquel Salas-Rivera
“todas sus propiedades sensibles se han esfumado”/
“all their sensible properties have blended away”

Anis Shivani

Angel Dye

Mark Danowsky
Bystander Effect (Notable Examples)

Minal Hajratwala
Racism, Redacted

Dan Barton

John Warner Smith
A Stranger Loss

Tim Carrier
Dark Blue in a Country, 1998

Sheikha A.
Khair al Barriyah

Nordette N. Adams
Reports from the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory

Kaveri Patel

Shana Turner
Spanish Moss

Wendy Pfrenger
The Koi Pond

Cassandra Lopez
When I Was a Young Girl

David Ishaya Osu
Grass Snake

Barbara Conrad
Rack of Lamb

J.D. Schraffenberger
Hunger Strike

Claudia Nogueira

David Ishaya Osu

Kaveri Patel
Beyond Intimacy

Rae Allen

Wesley Rothman
Ominousness, or Ominous Mess, or After-end

Section: Interlude with Valerie Constantino

Section 3

Melodie Past
Danger: Mise en Scène

Micah Ruelle
Fire Ecology as Self-Portrait

Saddiq Dzukogi

Marthe Reed
the least part

Georgette Hamlett
Triple Goddess Bop

Kevin Vaughn
The Way to Eden

Adela Najarro
Squirrel Indulgences
Iguana Dreams

Jeff Fearnside
Mata Hari’s Head

Ana Božičević
Busted Xmas Card

John Warner Smith

Lois Roma-Deeley
When Moving from Point A to Point B,
Do Not Intrude on that Empty Space
of Not Having to be Anywhere At All

Michael Dhar
Games of War and Sorcery

Linda Ashok
We Are Not Guilty

Section: Interlude with Marianic Parra
Silence Unguarded

Section 4

Verneda Lights
The Ferryman, At the Water’s Edge,

Tony Medina
Hair! Hair!

Annie Blake
The Father’s Knife

David Groulx
But we are not horses

Chip Livingston
You Would Have Killed Him Anyway

EmJay Hong
God is the Devil’s Puppet

Eugene Goldin
Sardines #1

Wesley Rothman
What is Given, What is Done

Joyce Lee
And There Will Come a Day

Sujoy Bhattacharya
Blooming mourning

Wendy Pfrenger
Goodnight Moon on Orchard Street

Todd Davis

Shanna Compton
Desert Valley in Bloom

Tamiko Beyer

Section: Interlude with Denise Milan

Section 5

Melodie Past
Storm Against Ship

Adjua Greaves
Black Botany

John Garmon
I’m Speaking of Myself

Robin Chapman
Reimagining the Past of My Hometown

Raquel Salas-Rivera
“cuanto más perezoso o torpe fuera un hombre”/
“the more idle and unskillful the laborer”

Lenard D. Moore
On the Drinking Water in Flint, Michigan

Barbara Conrad
What if the Mad Farmer Could Sit in at a New Year’s Day Potluck During a Global Recession

Tim McGillicuddy
The XXVIII Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America

Richard Cambridge
After Katrina

Richard Cambridge
All Power to Imagine Nation!: A Personal Account of Transformation

Kevin Vaughn
The Mark of Gideon

Saddiq Dzukogi
the night is like that

Anis Shivani
City: I

Tony Medina
Broke Beach Bum

Dan Barton
Directions to the Island

Tricia Knoll
Elemental List of Questions

Section 6

Tammy Melody Gomez
Transforming Specimen = Nest of Energy, 2012

Kenyatta JP Garcia

Lenard D. Moore

Kaveri Patel
The Sound of Music

Todd Davis
After Being Married for Twenty-Eight Years

Audrey Carroll
#RT Community

Ilhem Issaoui
Mine amaranth

Dan Barton
Dear Sympathy

Richard Cambridge
Mother and Child at Rest on the Limn of the Earth

Anis Shivani
Light and Space

Mark Danowsky
Not Taken

Saddiq Dzukogi

Tony Medina
One Guy Shot Another Guy

David Ishaya Osu
This is not a legion

Annie Blake
The Gun

Wesley Rothman

Raquel Salas-Rivera
cuando estoy fría/when i’m cold

Wale Owoade
Refusing to be a Basket of Water

Section: Interlude with Melodie Past