Beth Newborg

II.III. Section Three: Trouble BannerSection Three: Trouble

Beth Newborg
My husband drives us in a terrible rain through a piece
crescent of the Okefenoke Swamp.“Pull over!” I yell. “Where?” he asks.
True. We are on barely visible road; no shoulder;
nothing on each side but massed, jagged spikes
marking shapeless swaths of even more serious darkness.
Beth Bateman Newborg is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Pittsburgh, where she is Director of the English/Freshmen Engineering Writing Program. Beth also teaches upper division engineering communications and is the Director of Writing Center Outreach. Beth’s poetry has appeared in various literary journals over the past twenty years; she has been the recipient of several poetry awards, as well as of a Pennsylvania Council on the Arts grant. Beth has also published articles on facilitating interaction between the humanities and engineering.

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