Christina Mock

II.III. Section Five: What Goes On BannerSection Five: What Goes On

Christina Mock
Sea Scriber
I talk to the ocean, stand with my feet barley dipped
in water and bend to meet the sand. My finger carves
messages into damply packed earth. Grit builds beneath
my nail as I focus on each letter individually. I write lines,
wait until waves roll forward and caress my words, consume
them patiently. The tide retreats and I imagine echoes
of my questions soar underwater in pulses of vibrations.
Each wave that brushes the backs of my calves
is a gentle encouragement, an answer to the questions
I can’t ask, a chorus of movements of voices beckoning
me closer; I listen for whispers beneath the foam.

Christina Mock is a graduate of the Stonecoast M.F.A. Program in Creative Writing where she studied Poetry. She is currently teaching English and Creative Writing in Texas.


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