Carol Dorf

Section 2 About Place Journal Volume III Issue II Voices of the Human Spirit
Carol Dorf
At your cousin’s wedding
by the sea, the words
“until your death”
We all knew
the couple was starting out
at the point where
“in sickness”
inevitably shows up,
paraphernalia in hand.
Still, onlookers clapped
along with the guests
at the kiss
while waves crashed
against the cliff.
In the pool
children cried out
“Marco” and “Polo”
in search of each other.
Carol Dorf‘s poems appear in About Place Journal , Antiphon, Qarrtsiluni, Spillway, OVS, Canary, Sin Fronteras, In Posse Review, Poemeleon, Fringe, Moira, Unlikely Stories, The Prose Poem Project, and The Mom Egg. They have been anthologized in Not A Muse, Best of Indie New England, Boomer Girls, and elsewhere. She is poetry editor of Talking Writing, and teaches math at Berkeley High School.

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