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Table of Content. About Place Journal Volume III Issue II Voices of the Human Spirit aboutplacejournal.org

Cover Page
Editor’s Note
Section 1: Because we believe it is sacred
Deborah Wood Holton
Musings on Octavia E. Butler’s Parable of the Sower (1993)
Marc Sheehan
The Adoration
Deborah Guzzi
A Mother Drawn
John Ikerd
Deep Sustainability: Rediscovering Our Connectedness
Ann Michael
Beauty in Failure
Patricia Monaghan
Selections from Mary: A Life in Verse
They Have Surrounded Me
I Could Have Been One
There Is So Much You Do Not Know
Susan Deer Cloud
Homeland Insecurity
Midnight Moving Towards Winter Soltice
Emily Shearer
John Grey
Life of the Amish Farmer
Section 2: Because we are part of something transcendent
Tom Fate
A box of wind
Elizabeth Cunningham
…only the light remains

What I Believe Today
Dwayne Martine
Ars Indigena
Betsy Storm
Spirituality: A Loaded Word
Jed Myers

Leave what you know
Carol Dorf

Rita Bhattacharjee 

The Mist
Diane Kendig
Me and Thoreau and the Cuyahoga Valley National Park:
My Life in the Woods with the Kids
Peter O’Malley

Kokopelli at the RV Park
Adum Gross
Yearning; Our Journey Together
Karla Linn Merrifield
Long strange trip
Pamela Ahlen

Section 3: Because we need, love and care for our world
Ross Martin
Catherine Young
Rediscovering Intricacy
Suzanne Pearce
Remembering Glacier Bay, Summer of 1971
Joanne Rosenthal
The Flypaper
Taylor Brorby
Night and Day
Tricia Knoll
Whale Watching
Led to Water
Felicia Mitchell
Hawk Crossing Main Street, Abingdon
Sarah Heady
Hudson Lines
Judith Roche
Metaphors of Dust
Ann Fisher-Wirth
Mississippi, A Collaborative Project
You Stand In a Tree
Between Two Worlds/The Soul Floats
He Comes To Your Door
Jill Hall
The Cedar Hill Fire
Carole Glasser Langille
About Birds
Moisés Villavicencio Barras
Lejos de la Gente
Que Muere con las Estaciones
Away From People
That Die with the Seasons
Tom Cowan
On Hearing Guantanamera Sung Recently
Margaret Spence
The Dog Catcher of Jabiru
Susanna Lang
Ars Poetica; Standard Time
Richard Fox
Wind in the Pines
Marilyn Moriarty
Susan Botich
Alan Clark
Elizabeth Jacobson
Section 4: Because we reach for a better, sustainable society
Richard Cambridge
Revolutionary Transformation
Tim Gavin
What Life Could Be
Louie Clay (ne Louie Crew)
Living Here
Jeffrey Beck
West Lake
Jeanetta Calhoun Mish
Driving Lost Roads Listening to Jedi Mind Tricks
Uzor Uzoatu
Genius from the Diaspora
Uzoatu discovers America
Tegan Swanson
On Wisconsin
James Croteau
The Upstairs Lounge
Blessed Be the Boys
Cait Johnson
Heart like a crazy bird
Martin Willitts Jr.
This is not a Classical Bach Movement:
this is Persecution, Again and Again


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